Champagne Henriot

One of the last independent and family-owned houses in Champagne

Since 1808, Champagne Henriot has pursued a tradition of excellence – a fragile balance between delicacy, intensity, and purity. For eight generations, the family has selected only the very best vineyards, concentrated on the purity of chardonnay and has upheld the utmost respect for time in order to ensure the cuvée has an opportunity to reach its full expression.

Native to Lorraine, the family relocated to Champagne around 1640. In Reims, the Henriots engaged in textile and wine brokerage. Little by little, the family acquired vineyards. It was in 1808, under Apolline Henriot, that Champagne Henriot was officially founded. She was the niece of the very famous Abbé Godinot, an erudite man who contributed to improvements in viticulture and the making of the Champagne wine. Apolline sold her wines both in France and abroad.

 The champagne wines became a huge success with royalty. She passed on her savoir-faire to her grandson, Ernest: a family tradition was born. 

At the end of the 19th century, the phylloxera crisis reached the Champagne vineyards but Emile Marguet, (father in law to Paul Henriot) was one of the first to reconstitute his vineyards with grafted stock. From then on, the House of Henriot has devoted all its talent to creating the most superb wines from grapes carefully selected from the great «terroirs» on the Montagne de Reims and the Côte des Blancs.

In 2014, the Champagne Henriot acquired the House “Les Aulnois”, in the South of Epernay, where they can welcome guests from all over the world in a warm and friendly place, with its formal garden. Ideal for a glass of Champagne…

The Meunier variety (used to be called Pinot Meunier but latest researches have proved that Meunier was actually not part of the Pinot family), although it represents a third of the varieties grown in Champagne, is only used in a very small proportion in the Henriot blends. The Pinot Noir and Chardonnay varieties are preferred, to express the elegance, intensity and lightness required for a great champagne. The high proportion of Chardonnay which can vary from 40% to 60% (the average in Champagne is nearer to 30%) is an important distinctive element in the Champagne Henriot blends.

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