A Man's Passion

Born in the Bordeaux wine region, Philippe Capdouze holds a diploma from the Bordeaux Institute of Oenology as well as a degree in finance from the prestigious Dauphine University, Paris.

He founded FICOFI in 1990, finally moving over full time to work there in 1997.  Prior to this he spent eight years managing exchange risk at the French Renault car group.

Since the creation of the group, Philippe has developed very close relationship - and friendship - with the owners of the best Châteaux, gaining their trust and support for the activities of FICOFI.

For 25 years, his aim for FICOFI has been to constantly reinvent the Wine Experience. Today, Le Club FICOFI® offers its selected Members a privileged access to the exclusive world of fine wines and the French “Art de Vivre”, creating their own wine cellars as well as the opportunity to enjoy their Grands Crus wines. In 2012, Philippe opened a new chapter in the history of FICOFI by moving to Asia.  Based out of Singapore and with the support of his team, he is continually developing the services of FICOFI globally, focused on providing the very best service and environment for the enjoyment of the world’s best Grands Crus wines.