An International Company


FICOFI has a 25 year-worldwide experience in 4 continents, more than 20 countries and 50 different cities, including the US, Britain, Italy, France, Switzerland, Dubai, Hong Kong, Singapore, Korea, China, Brazil, Philippines…

FICOFI Office in Hong Kong
FICOFI Office in Hong Kong

We have offices in:

  • France - Paris & Bordeaux, close to the Châteaux whose key people we meet and work with on a daily basis
  • Asia - Singapore, Hong Kong, Seoul, close to our Asian clients
  • We are also present in Geneva, Dubai, Beijing, New York, Rio, Sao Paulo…capital cities for wine lovers

We manage an international network of correspondents.

We store and manage worldwide 500,000 bottles with a value of €+100 million for our own account and for our Members.