Moreau Family
Located in the heart of Chassagne-Montrachet, this historic 14-hectare domaine has been part of the Moreau family for four generations and produces some of the purest and most elegant wines of the region.

The origins of the Bernard Moreau go back to 1809 when Auguste Moreau built the first cellar on the domaine, probably to produce red wines, since the Chardonnay grape variety did not yet exist. Bernard Moreau, the father of Alexandre and Benoît, began working in the vineyard and the cellar at the beginning of the 1960s, at the age of only fourteen, which was not uncommon at the time. The domaine already covered much of the current surface area, the grandfather, Marcel Moreau, having taken advantage of the great depression that followed the crash of 1929 to acquire some fine parcels, which account for about 80% of the current surface area. Such a tactic would no longer be possible today, the price of land having rocketed and there being very few surfaces still for sale. By the middle of the 1970s, the reputation of the Bernard Moreau domaine was already well established.
Bernard's sons, who had previously worked in New Zealand, Australia and South Africa, both started at the domaine, Alexandre in 1995 and Benoît in 1999. The former is in charge of the wine making process, while the latter deals with the growing. Between them, they have given a new impetus to the domaine, which is now among the best in Burgundy.

In 2005, the vineyard increased significantly in size with the purchase of a five-hectare farm, bringing the total area of vines to more than 14 hectares: 60% white wines and 40% red wines. The vines producing white wines are located in the municipality of Chassagne-Montrachet with a fine range of Premiers Crus (Vergers, La Maltroie, Les Chenevottes, Champs-Gains, Morgeot, les Grandes Ruchottes) and two Grands Crus, Le Bâtard- Montrachet and Le Chevalier-Montrachet – sadly, in very small quantities. For completeness’ sake, we should also mention a small parcel located in the nearby village of Saint-Aubin in Remilly. The vines producing red wines are split between two different locations. The first is in the village of Chassagne-Montrachet itself, home in particular to a Monopole Cru (they are the sole owners), La Cardeuse, which is situated in the excellent Premier Cru Morgeot. The other location is in the famous village of Volnay, with some outstanding Premiers Crus: Les Santenots, Le Clos des Chênes and Les Caillerets. The vineyard does not use pesticides and the only fertiliser used is plant-based.

The quality of wines from this domaine has also made considerable progress since the purchase, first of a pneumatic press, then of a grading table. All the vintages are matured in barrels, with the number of new barrels varying greatly: no new barrels for the Burgundies, 25% new barrels for the villages, between 30 and 50% for the Premiers Crus, and new barrels only for the Grands Crus. This variation in the proportion of new barrels, which differs from the practice of many neighbouring vineyards, makes it possible to produce the fresh, elegant wines which are a trademark of the domaine.

While the domaine may get slightly less media attention than some others, it has done something very rare: it has reached the heights in both colours, white and red. The white wines are fresh, lively and with fine, vibrant acidity, a long way from the heavy wines we often find in Chassagne-Montrachet. With their purity of fruit and their depth, the red wines are not to be outdone.