Rouzaud Family
Fabrice Rosset
Deutz has its roots in Ay, one of Champagne's historic and most renowned terroirs. It is a brand of convictions, whose story has been built by successive generations, all of them dedicated, passionate and inspired. The residence, built in the traditional Champagne style, harbours the heritage and spirit unique to Deutz. Their long tradition and an authentic passion for finely-worked wines for each of their cuvees makes the Deutz house a true jewel in the world of Champagne.

William Deutz and Pierre-Hubert Geldermann founded the William Deutz house in 1838 in the historic village of Aÿ in the heart of Champagne country. Since the end of the XIXth Century, Deutz has maintained a worldwide reputation based on a unanimous and growing appreciation of production quality.
Fabrice Rosset has managed Deutz since 1996, overseeing important changes not only in manufacturing and maturing but also reorganizing distribution and developing the Deutz brand image.

In addition to 42 hectares of house-owned vines, Deutz have patiently built up supplies of grapes from the best family-owned vineyards representing about 160 hectares in famous growths such as Le Mesnil sur Oger and Avize on the Côte des Blancs, and Ambonnay, Bouzy, Verzy, and Verzenay … on the Montagne de Reims.

The House has made extensive investments: additional cellar space, renovation and enlargement og the vat hall and a new, ultra modern warehouse for storage and shipments wich reach approximately 2 million bottles per year now.

The Deutz style is one that is based on the strength of Pinot Noir, which makes up some 55% of the Flagship Cuvee William Deutz. The fact that so much of the wine is based on the red grapes may give the impression that Deutz is striving for a powerful style. The truth is more complex. While the house style does revolve around the powerful flavors these grapes contribute to the blends, the feel of the wine is always elegant and complex.